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Yellow Claw @yellowclaw
Photography:Adam Washington @adamjwash | Muah:Susan Zeytuntsyan @susanzeymua
Styled by Andrew Pedro @andrewpedrostyles | Creative Director x Editor-in-chief:Anessa London @stylezbylondonartistry  | Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost 




What is influencing/inspiring your music right now?
Funny how the word “influencing” to us is directly linked to girls taking pictures of their cappuccinos. Our music is inspired by all the talented friends we’ve made over the last couple of years touring the world. They inspire us to keep innovating at all costs.

 You all have succumbed a range of genres – from trap to dance. What types of sound can we expect from Yellow Claw for the latter half of 2018 on your new album ‘New Blood’? 
 Everything that people already know us from and more.

 What is in both of your closets? What are your staple items currently? And, what items are in your clothing line ‘Blood For Mercy’?
Jim: A big stack of fresh Evisu jeans currently. I wear polo shirts and hoodies on the daily. Vans on my feet, by the way.
Nils: A lot of chill clothes like weird suit pants, black or white even T-shirts, and I’m currently only wearing the Converse One Stars in basically every color.
We’re dropping a couple brand new Blood For Mercy collections really soon. Not gonna spoil anything!

 What inspired the name New Blood? Is there any correlation between the name of that album and the album you all previously recorded Los Amsterdam?
New Blood is all about new experiences, new friends in new countries and how well all those things, ideas and influences work together on one album.

 How is Nils creative process? How is Jim's creative process? How does each individual process differ, and how does it come together?
We both can make really raw demos and ideas and pitch that to each other. The positive reaction in that moment is the fuel to start working together on that project. Stuff one or the other doesn’t really like gets dismissed pretty easily. Furthermore, we love to get into a studio on the road while touring. Those couple studio days in a different country can work miracles.

 What puts you guys in the creative "zone”?
Nothing special. Feeling good and being well fed. A good night’s sleep is a plus too.

Who haven't you worked with that you would like to collab with in the future? What music legends inspire you at the moment? 
Rihanna. We’ll keep saying it until she reads it and sends us a text.

 Avante Magazine is all about being innovative and experimental within the arts. What is the most experimental sound you have worked with on the production of New Blood? 
Nils is singing on the record called “Summertime.” We never tried that before. And on that same song San Holo is doing a guitar solo. Some people would definitely call it experimental. We think the record is a lot of fun. Cool music video too. Make sure to check it out on YouTube.