Photographer Xavier Albert | Makeup Artist: Hendra Nasril  | Hairstylist: Alex Thao
| Wardrobe Stylist Anessa London | Wardrobe Assistant Yvonne Mwazo | Wardrobe Assistant Kai Lin Symone


1. When did you start acting?

I started acting in theatre class in middle and high school, but during my senior year was really when I started focusing on acting as a career. I decided not to go to college, and signed up for acting classes instead. I found a local agent in my hometown Austin, Texas and started auditioning and sending in tapes.

2. What is your beauty secret?

True Botanicals Clear line. I stumbled upon this all-natural skincare brand a couple of months ago and I ordered the free sample they had on their website. They're marketed as natural skincare that actually works. I have been slowly transitioning all of my products-- skincare, household cleaners, etc.-- to more natural ones, but I hadn't had much luck in the beauty department until I tried their toner and facial oil. I was amazed that they did actually work and have been using them every day since!

3. What kind of music do you like?

I love everything except country and heavy metal. I'm a huge hip hop and rap fan. Drake, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick are some of my favorites. I also love a strong female vocalist, Sia, Banks, and Billie Eilish to name a few. And of course can't forget the oldies, Fleetwood Mac and Sam Cooke. 

4. What do you do in your free time?

I am pretty much obsessed with food, cooking and eating. I make lunch/dinner every single day for me and my boyfriend, and I love coming up with fun recipes and trying new stuff. Our go-to's are veggie tacos with homemade creamy cilantro sauce and the other day I made pesto lasagna loaded with vegetables. I also have a bunny and 5-month old puppy, so you can find me hanging with the two of them.

5. What is your absolute favorite show?

Black Mirror.

6. What is the most memorable moment from your theater years?

Probably when I played Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof. I was in 8th grade and it was the biggest role I had played so far. I just remember thinking, "Man, I really love doing this." It's weird,when you're that age and you don't want to admit you might actually be interested in something, but I knew from that play that I wouldn't just let acting go.

7. What was it like playing a superhero on television?

Playing Jesse Quick on The Flash has been such a dream! I have received so much support from the fans which was definitely something I was nervous about when I first took on the role. It has been so fun playing such a strong character on screen. 

8. If you could have any three abilities, what would they be and why?

Teleportation would be amazing, so I could travel anywhere and see the entire world. To be fluent in every language would help in travel, so I could communicate with the locals. And most importantly, the ability to stop hate in its tracks. If I could have any ability, it would be to help people get along and see each other's sides of things. 

9. If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be?

I have always been obsessed with the island of Tahiti ever since I was a kid, so that one's on my bucket list for sure. I also recently went to Thailand and had such an amazing time. I've heard Indonesia is similar but even more beautiful (if that's even possible!!).

10. Tell us about your PETA campaign and why it is important for the public to know?

I recently shot an "All Animals Have The Same Parts" campaign with PETA. The campaign is showing that all animals-- Human, dog, cow, pig-- have the same body parts and deserve the same amount of respect and compassion. One of the reasons I decided to start eating plant-based is because I believe there is a direct correlation between the way we treat animals and the way we treat each other. This campaign is showing that we all should be treated equally, and I think that's a pretty important message.