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Parker Young @parker.young
Photography: Adam Washington @adamjwash
Wardrobe Stylist: Andrew Pedro @andrewpedrostyles  | Muah: Keon Cruz @keeocruz
Creative Director x Editor-in-chief: Anessa London @stylezbylondonartistry  | Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost 



1.Early on in your career, was there one specific acting job that reinforced your belief that you would in fact "make it" in this rather competitive acting business?

There was no single job, but rather a ton of tiny victories that kept me going when I was starting out: Getting my first SAG vouchers when I was doing extra work, booking a commercial that paid 50 bucks cash, getting to say five words as a delivery guy on a soap opera, or even just getting a call back for a job that I really wanted.  These seemingly small victories helped offset the never ending onslaught of “rejections” and “failures,” which ultimately led to some incredible jobs like Suburgatory, Enlisted, and Imposters.  It’s a competitive business and I feel very fortunate to have had so many incredible experiences; I’m looking forward to the “tiny victories” that lie ahead. 

2.We hear you’re quite the outdoorsman. Where did this desire come about? When you are not on set , what is your idea of unwinding?

I love to get off the grid, somewhere with limited cell service where it’s dark enough to wish upon shooting stars.  Sailing, camping, hiking and rock climbing tend to do the trick. I’ve always loved to get outside. It started in Arizona where I spent a lot of time in the desert growing up, and quickly realized that Mother Nature has a way of putting everything into perspective. 

3.Let's talk fashion for a moment. What looks or style intrigue you for 2018?

I’m pretty boring. Jeans and a T-shirt and a pair of boots works best for me. Casual, functional, and can be worn anywhere. However, I don’t mind putting on a nice suit every once in a while. For me it’s James Dean or James Bond, the rest is just superfluous. 

4.How would you say your fashion choices have evolved through the years?

Fashion and function go hand in hand. When I was playing sports in high school I dressed a bit sportier — sneakers and a letterman jacket, always ready for game time. When I moved to LA and bought a motorcycle I naturally started wearing boots and a leather jacket.  Now my closet is simple, jeans and well worn tees, and a good handful of nice suits. 

5.Describe yourself and 3 words?

Grateful. Passionate. Driven. 

6.What is the best advice you have been given? 

Do what you love. Always give 110%. 

Thanks Pops. 

7.What new projects are you working on?

I’ve been working on a show called Imposters since 2015. Found out a few days ago that we probably won’t be coming back for a third season, so it’s time to embark on a new chapter.  I have a few things in the works at the moment, and my team and I are looking forward to deciding in which direction we’d like to steer this ship. 

8.Who is your biggest supporter?

Easy. Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, and my lady. 

9.Who is your favorite artist musically at the moment?

Older stuff. At the moment I’d say Lynard Skynard.