Miles Mussenden @milesmussenden
Photography by Gabriel Fraser @gabriel.fraser
Muah by Anessa London @artisrtybylondon
Styled by Marissa Motley @marissa.motley
Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost
PR: @iconpr



What originally inspired you to take on an acting career?

Acting was my favorite thing to do, I was in demand doing shorts and student films for free. When my business got hit hard during the recession I figured if I have to start over, I might as well do what I love to do.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an actor?

Outside the obvious perks of being a working actor ( being well paid to do what you love), it drives me to eat healthier, exercise, look better, and be a better person as part of my job. The disadvantages; I’ve always been a private person and as an actor much of your life is on display. People stare at you and I can't be sure of the reason. A lot of time is spent on the road. Lastly, your next paycheck is never guaranteed.


What do you do in your free time?

I love to travel, often visiting megalithic sites. Other than that I try to make up for lost time with my family. 


When you were first brought on to the series Cloak & Dagger, what were your initial thoughts about being Cloak’s father?

This could be a tremendously fulfilling opportunity, or it could be the chance to move to the next level in my career but go unfulfilled as an artist. I'm thankful that Cloak's family life has been substantial so far, and this black family although damaged can be a positive motivating force.


Why is this show Cloak & Dagger so different from the Marvel shows we have seen before?

It's a great story even without the super powers. It's about people, and the writers keep it real and relevant – showing raw, candid moments of their distress and the genuine hardships of their youth, along with the heroics.


With this series being a part of the Marvel Universe, how awesome does it feel to be included in the Marvel family at large?

It's a dream made manifest. I grew up on Marvel comics, TV shows and films so living in that world seems surreal at times. Someone posted a video of me arriving at a red carpet and in the same shot was Paul Rudd signing autographs, pretty cool.


How did shooting the show in New Orleans affect it?

It set it apart from all the other super hero projects, It gives the show a sense of mystery and resilience, it anointed the actors with its magic.


What other projects are you working on?

I was focused on the show when some great opportunities were offered that I couldn't accept. However, now I'm on the lookout for the next great opportunity.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Sincere, Warm, Charming. All with an edge.


Do you see yourself doing any producing or directing in the future?

Absolutely, I've already been dabbling in both and anticipate making big moves in that direction between my acting career.