Masika Kalysha @masikakalysha
Photography by Carlos Vaz @uberalles
Mua by Paija Hudson @pjlovespj using MAC Cosemtic and Graftobian
Hair by Jessica Acosta @jessacostahair | Styled by Oththan Burnside @otheezystyledit
Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost




What do people misinterpret about you based off of reality TV?

 On each episode they choose what is most malicious, they choose what have the most drama, they choose what get the most ratings, so during this small period of time they are only seeing the screen reactions to whatever the circumstance may be at the time. This may be misconstrued as you  being "hotheaded" or "promiscuous"..  and you don't get to explain yourself, its a scene and then its over. When we get done filming we go back to our regular lives, but what is on that tape that is what people have (to judge). It does gives you a stigma. It's a lot of misconceptions. People need to realize that once the cameras go off we really have real lives that they do not get to see.   


How did you start off acting? What about the acting profession had drawn you in?

 My parents started me off acting and modeling when I was four.  I was so shy then, I remember going into auditions and only reading what was asked of me. So as a kid I didn't enjoy it. When I got older I went on set of a movie just for fun as an extra and they ended up pulling me into a small speaking role. I loved the experience. I met a lot of casting directors that really loved me.It was the combination of the creativeness, making that character believable and all the perks that came with it. 


You have a Khari Beauty collection, currently out, can you articulate on the collection? 

I always been super big in fashion and beauty, and always expressed myself through my makeup and clothes. When I got on TV I didn't realize how many girls and the gay community really loved my look: my makeup, my clothes and my hair. I was always the girl on the show that had this crazy beautiful hairstyle and my makeup was always the flyest. I will often create my own lip color people will always ask me what color did you wear on this episode. When I had my daughter my daughter was with me 24/7. I'd get my makeup done five days a week at mininum and I'd  breastfeed so I knew that she was going to be in my lap, (so) I was very concerned about her skin. I had very sensitive skin I didn't want powder falling on her. So, I decided to combine  my passion for beauty products with the need for better products with less chemicals. That is how I formulated Khari Barbie Beauty we are paraben free and vegan. The product that really did it for me was the liquid lip, it stays on all day, keep your lips moisturized and doesn't crack or transfer. I can get my glam done at nine in the morning, give my daughter a million kisses, she will get nothing on her face. I'm not worried about the product giving her a rash or breaking her out and the product is so amazing you don't have to reapply for the whole day. If you don't use makeup remover you will wake up with your lips on.  We added our new oil our biggest selling product. I'm making an oil from scratch that solve all kinds of problems, I started making it for my daughter her hair is super curly, super long  and it is so thick and very dry, I didn't trust any products on the market so I decided to make my own. I saw a need for it (the products), so I started selling it. All my products came from personal use and seeing the desire and need for it from my supporters. 


Where can your supporters purchase your products?

 Right now we are hundred percent online, We also have a West Hollywood office. If you are in town you can make a private appointment. We offer consultations where you can shop with our makeup artists,try on products and get your makeup done. We do popshops as well, you can go on or my Instagram page for information to see when we are doing pop up shops. 


You also have an EP in the works how is that going? 

It will be out this Fall, I'm still recording. I'm putting in really long hours in the studio, I have an amazing team that I been working with we have (studio time) all seven days a week, after I put my daughter to sleep nine pm to five am.  This is my first time devoting my full time and energy into my music. The acting and modeling is bringing in the revenue, I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm finally able to hone into my music, so I'm very proud about this EP. In my music, I like to talk about what all women experience but are scared to say. So when you look at my music its all relatable. I want you to feel you are releasing something, like when you have a good cry, you can finally get it all out.


What words of advice would you give a mother who want to start their own business and want to stay motivated?

It's about finding the balance in your passion and your desire, but its also about understanding you have bills to pay too. Don't quit your day job until your passion can pay your bills.