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lauren riihimaki @laurdiy |Photography by Mila Zvereva @mila_zvereva |Muah by Tammy Yi with Exclusive artist using Mac Cosmetics @tammyyi |Styled by Brandon Nicholas @brvndo |Interview by Samantha Stricklin @f0rsake 



You started with DIYS and now also do vlogging and music. How do you balance everything you love doing?

DIY will always be what comes naturally to me and what I’m best at, but my fans have been so amazing and open to me trying new types of content! Sticking to a content schedule has also been key for my weekly uploads. DIYs are typically on Sunday, vlogs on Wednesdays and anything music related is more of a seldom and much larger project. 

Any new projects you’re working on that you can tease?

There’s always something in the works which has been so exciting the past couple years. I think my favourite upcoming project is definitely dog related… and I’ll just leave it at that. 

You have 8.5 million subscribers that is a giant number. What made you go Yes this is what I want to do for a career what made it stick?

I got really lucky in the sense that when I graduated from university my channel was in a place where I could take it full time. There was no doubt about it being the dream job from the very get go, but you have to have the financial side in place before you can really take that leap. I loved the combination of entrepreneurship, creativity and video production. Everything was self-taught for the most part and it was a passion I could learn about forever. 

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve over come

The biggest obstacle has definitely been business related. A lot of creators go into this industry just wanting to make videos and end up creating a massive brand along the way. It’s been so important to be aware of the opportunities as they present themselves and ensure I have the best team behind me to build the brand right. I’ve learned a lot about delegating work related tasks to people who specialize in those areas and can do that task more efficiently than I can. It leaves more time for me to focus on the elements of the business that I excel at. 

How do you deal with negative comments about your work? 

It’s just something that comes with putting yourself online in the digital world. 99.99% of the time those anonymous comments would never be spoken to your face, so it’s important to just focus on the positive because it’s overwhelmingly more relevant and honest. Social medias now have some great features where you can blacklist words so you don’t even have to see the hate. I definitely recommend creators to take advantage of those tools. 

How Would You Describe Your Own Working Style?

Organized, self-motivated and team-oriented. 

What One Skill Would You Like to Improve and What’s Your Plan for Doing So?

Video production is a skillset that’s continuously improving with new technology and equipment. It’s easy to find yourself stagnant with the equipment you’re working with, but I definitely try to make an effort to stay up to date with the best cameras that are appropriate for what I do. As a community, creators use a lot of the same cameras because we have a lot of the same needs. 

Tell us something about yourself that others may be surprised to know about you. 

 I have a degree in the printing industry - a Bachelor of Technology specifically related to print. It’s so random and inapplicable to working in digital, but it’s partially how I got my start on YouTube while trying to get away from school. 

What project would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

Being able to walk into some of my favourite retailers that I grew up with and see my name on a shelf is so surreal. It’s not something I’ll ever get used to. Especially Target. My team of licensees have been so incredible believing in me and the brand and creating the best product possible for my fans. 

What is something you'd be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?

Creating!!! I grew up crafting, made a career out of crafting and even though it’s evolved into my job it’s still something I truly love and hope to continue doing every day if I’m lucky enough.