Keesha Sharp @kesshasharp
Photography by Maries Danila | Cinematography by Evan Galeano @evan_galeano 
Stylist & Art Director: Quentin Fears @mrqfears Repped @scoutcreatives | Mua by Sienna Gross @siennagross
Hair by Michael Livesy @michaelivsey |Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost | Cinematography by Evan Galeano @evan_galeano 


What originally inspired you to take on an acting career?

Ever since I was young, I was always involved in the arts. I played cello, piano, clarinet, sang and acted in plays. So I guess I always wanted that. I love being able to get into a character and make people feel something. Its that love that has driven me. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being being an actress?
The advantages are being able to shed my skin and step into a characters life. You can truly experience things from a different perspective. It also can be a great deal of fun. Being in the arts typically is. 
There are many disadvantages of being an actress.  The first is that work is inconsistent at best. Sometimes you go in for dozens and dozens of parts before landing one. Other times you book multiple things at one time and can only accept one of them. Through all of that, you have to maintain your confidence in the face of rejection, maintain humility in the face of success and continue to hone the skills of your craft. The second would be the balance between show and business. Some of the most lucrative things for an actress are things that do not move you artistically. Something incredibly satisfying artistically can be a sacrifice financially for your livelihood. There is a great balance. But these disadvantages don’t outweigh the fulfillment.

Your character Trish is the breadwinner and emotional rock of the family. What do you think young women can take away from this role?
To be honest, I don’t think there is another character like her on TV. It is important for young women to know they can have all the things they want. It is always harder for women, especially mothers, to get ahead. But I love that Trish shows you can have balance. You can be a supportive wife while still excelling in your career. You can be a mother without it derailing your dreams. She is also stylish and invests private time with her husband. I mean, I want to be like Trish too! 

You’ve played a lot of award-winning and award nominated roles. Out of all the characters, is there one that you identify with the most?
Well I honestly see a little of myself in each role Ive played but Trish is the closest to who I am. I am married mother with a career who supports my husband in his. Some of the bubbly side of my personality came out in Gigi (Are We There Yet) , the small no nonsense part of me came out in Monica (Girlfriends) and the strong supportive part of me came out as Dale Cochran (People Vs OJ Simpson) and Buster (Marshall).

So, shifting gears a little bit I hear you have an album in the works. Can you tell us just a little about it?
Yes, well people dont realize I started out as a singer and have a degree in Musical Theatre. My career was Broadway until I started doing more TV and film. So now that its been awhile, I want to revisit music. Ive always loved Standards and my husband is great at coming up with hip versions of classics so I am doing an album called “The New Standard”. It has some classics done in a hip way and some original songs in the same venue. In addition, we are doing a new Christmas album. 

Offscreen, you enjoy activities such as boxing and hiking?
Yes, other than obvious things like my family and artistic endeavors, my next greatest loves are health and fitness. I am always seeking new healthy alternatives and finding new fitness