Jade Hassoune @jadehassoune

Photographer by Barrington Orr


Styled by Jess Mori


Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost 


What originally inspired you to take on an acting career? 

Hi! Thank you for this feature! :Very excited about this photoshoot and collaboration with you and everyone involved. 

When I was around 10 years old , I realized that acting was an actual career choice and not just a fantastic world on a screen, so I decided that I was going to choose that path, i loved all the arts but this one seemed achievable to me. I started taking acting classes with friends in the neighbourhood. And when we had our showcase, I walked on stage and had a sort of heart-opening experience. A “right time, right place” kind of feeling, a recognition of a potential future, and that feeling is what I’ve been following since. I knew that it would lead me to this vision of my life. 

What are you proud of? 

I’m proud of having followed my intuition and my inner knowing and done it my way. I'm glad I listened to my own belief of what my life could be. I’m proud of the friends and connections I’ve made. I’m proud of us Humans and how far we’ve come and how much potential we have as beings. 

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

Many artists of all kinds, from Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp to Leonardo da Vinci to graphic novelist Craig Thompson to Disney characters to some of my friends and coaches. 

Do you have anyone you admire and would love to work with in the future?

Lady Gaga has be someone I've wanted to collaborate with for so long. There’s an importance of the arts and wisdom that comes with her art making that i love and respect. I would love to work with Joss Whedon and Lilly & Lana Wachowski (The matrix, Sense 8)!

What were the biggest struggles you had to face to get to where you are? 

Trusting that the path would unfold exactly in the way I wanted and wished. Sometimes it looks different than you expect, but with time it reveals that what seemed like the wrong path was in fact the right path to get to exactly where I wanted to be. 

What kind of music do you like? 

I love discovering different music from around the world in all genres. That’s why I love pop music so much, it brings it all together under the pop umbrella and pop is the genre i love to dissect. 

What is your beauty secret? 

Haha! My mom’s DNA, with a daily dose of meditation and a large pinch of joy. 

Do you wanna do any directing or producing in the future? 

Yes! I got the bug when I associate-produced my season of That’s My DJ (season 3, available on Youtube!). There’s a satisfaction that comes with creating your own content that is incomparable. No matter how big a project might seem, when you create your own baby, it feels like nothing else in the world. 

What new projects are you working on? 

Every ounce of my being and mental energy is going into planning and finishing my debut EP. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment, to be delving into becoming a music artist. The fandom has shown me so much love and I’ve realized they are the perfect people to dedicate this music to, and to create a new relationship between all of us for this new chapter of our lives, with Shadowhunters coming to an epic TV close. So I wrote Love Letters to a Fandom about my experiences of my life on tour meeting the fandom around the world for the last two years. The EP comes out this year with the first single Insta Story to be released in June! Check out my website for more at jadehassoune.com 

For acting, my extremely talented and beautiful friend Supinder Wraich has created a series produced by Mad Ruk Ent., directed by Renuka Jeyapalan (director of Working Moms and Kim's Convenience). It is kind of like the Indo-Canadian Godfather, with a female lead (Supinder). The series' goal is to really subvert stereotypes and give a fresh outlook to a traditional medium. It's a three-part series on CBC's new streaming platform 'Gem' and will be airing in May of 2019! I play the fabulously glamorous best friend, and I’m so excited for this character/role to emerge into the world. 

Tell us about you character on the Freeform series "Shadowhunters"? 

Meliorn is a Seelie/Faerie/Elf, a half-angel half-demon blooded being. He is the Queen of the Faeries’ representative and right hand man/head knight. He is stuck between being the queen’s slave doing her deeds and helping the Shadowhunters fight for the right cause. He is a very wise, collected and chill being. Only gets involved when he really has to, otherwise he stays away and does his own thing. He is about 147 years old and has pointy ears and nature magic. Also he can catch knives thrown at him in mid-air Buffy-style. He is also sexually fluid. 

Are you and your character alike in anyway? 

Yes I love to be a chill, nature child. I love meditating and I’m only interested in discovering new bits of wisdom. I love fluidity and openness of being. In all aspects. 

Are you surprised this is the last season? 

I saw it coming. It could have gone for way longer but things were constantly uncertain, like many things in this business. Last minutes changes, nothing is ever confirmed until it is 100% completed, and even then. I am happy we’ve had an epic run and there is still this entire new season-sized chunk of the story coming! The ending of the show will not affect the connection and eternity of the fandom’s connection with us. 

What are your goals for 2019? 

Release and launch my music career as J4DE! And to have the best year yet!! It keeps getting better and I’m here for it. I love life and I love the potential of fun and good that is possible. See you all soon! :)