Hailie Sahar @hailiesahar
Photography by Vince Trupsin @vincetrupsin
Mua by Kym Nicole @kymmyizabeauty |Hair by Gina Everett @ginaeverett
Styled by Law Roach @luxuryla | Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost




1. When did you know you wanted to be an actress?

I knew I wanted to be an actress when I realized I could play “make-believe” for a living and I could escape from any pain I felt by portraying other characters.                             


2. Are there any actors or actresses that you admire and would like to work with one day?

I admire Meryl  Streep and would love to work with her. That is one of my biggest dreams. She is phenomenal — a true artist and genius in my eyes.            


3. What do you believe are the advantages and disadvantages of being an actress?

The advantages of being an actress are the opportunities you have to use your platform to be a positive and motivational figure. As far as disadvantages, I have not yet experienced any. Ask me again in five years. *laughs*                                                     

4. What was the audition process like for Pose?

My audition process for POSE was a dream come true because I have been in love with Ryan Murphy from the first time I saw American Horror Story. Since then, I’ve always wanted to work with him. My character however was not originally a part of the show. Ryan loved me and believed in me so much after my audition that he created a character for me, named her LuLu, and made me a series regular. I dropped to my knees and cried because my prayers had been answered, and I knew that all my hard work over the years was finally paying off. I knew this was my moment.          


5. What can we expect to see from your character on Pose?

My character is like a lioness. Before a lioness strikes her pray, she stalks it first. Lulu is a stalker.  What’s she stalking? We don’t know yet, but I’d say you have to keep watching her. Keep your eyes on her.    


6. Are you and your character alike in any way?

My character and I are alike in the sense that we are both determined individuals. We are both heavily into fashion and we both have something that’s beautiful deep inside of us that the world has yet to see. To know us is to unravel us.


7. How was it working with your co-stars and shooting the episodes?

Working with my co-stars is like being with family. We uplift each other. We encouraged each other. We laughed. We cried behind camera. We’re truly sisters off camera, all five of us. And of course we love our boys. All of them. We are a family fighting for peace and love.                        


8. Do you think that TV Shows like Pose help people become more open-minded?

I think TV shows like POSE help people become open-minded. It’s like having a window and access into a room where you’re finally able to see the underdogs' struggles and pains. You get to see what we really go through. POSE is a window for the world that has never been provided before. So, yes. You actually see similarities in yourself from watching these characters resulting in connections that bond us as a human race.           


9. Do you feel like social media has an impact on how respectful and accepting people are?

Social media is the most prevalent thing in today’s society, especially for those who are not seeking knowledge, but to use social media as an every day outlet. It’s imperative that accurate content is provided.


10. Pose plays in the 80s, now about 40 years later a lot has changed; people seem to be more open-minded about different sexualities, religions etc. – but would you say they have actually become more accepting or is it solely superficial or even an illusion?

I think that people have become more curious and open minded to learning about things. Is the fight over? No. I think  the topic of “sexuality” and “gender” is equivalent to race in the sense that there is still racism in the world. Have things gotten better? In some respects, yes and in some respects no. It’s no different when speaking on topics regarding the transgender community. As a human race, we still have a long way to go. Until we can all be equal and until we can all be free, the fight is never over. 


11. What new projects are you working on?

Currently, I am working on my music. I just finished two singles that will be released on my website www.hailiesahar.com and iTunes as well. I’m also working on a book and new scripts. I’m very excited.


12. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself running my own company, producing films, directing, and designing my own clothes. I love fashion. I will definitely have a heavy hand in the fashion industry in five years. Oh, yes… and I will be on American Horror Story. That’s one of my biggest dreams!