Gavin Houston @iamgavinhouston
Photography by Joel Hodson
Muah by Hajja Barnes | Styled by Yvonne Mwazo
Assistant Stylist by Allan Muteti @ayemuteti14
Assistant Stylist by Bebe Couri @just1_bebe
Interview by Ashira Provost @_ashiraprovost



1. I knew I wanted to be an actor at a very young age. My parents used to take our family to see a lot of theater in New York.. I remember in particular seeing Yule Brenner in "The King and I"  on Broadway, and Kevin Kline in William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in Central Park.  Not only was I amazed by seeing a live performance, but watching the effect it had on the audience enhanced my love for it and confirmed in that moment that acting was what I wanted to do.

2.One of the many advantages to being an actor is that you get to play at work. You get to use your imagination and your creativity. You get to tap into your emotions and really connect with someone all while getting paid. And it's constantly changing as no two characters are the same, no two sets are the same, no two actors are the same,  so you're always having to adapt to new environments, new situations, and new people. The main disadvantage is what you have to endure in the pursuit of having the opportunities to express your creativity. Auditioning and being hired and all the things that go into the business aspect of this artistry.

3.Describing myself in 3 words. Determined, Humble, and kind-hearted. 

4.My favorite actor who I admire not only for his work but for the career that he had and the family man that he continues to be, is Denzel Washington.  It would be a pleasure and an honor to work alongside him one day.

5.Jeffrey is of course stuck in the habits and his old ways but he's definitely coming into his own this season. And you will see a lot of change in his attitude and character both in his relationships and actions. There's definitely going to be some unexpected twists and surprises for the audience this season coming from Jeffrey.

6.This series is like closing your eyes while riding a roller coaster. As soon as you feel comfortable and safe, you get thrown into something new going in a completely different and unexpected direction.

7.I think it is a blueprint that is already laid out from the mind of Tyler Perry. Not only has he written it but he's also directing it so  he's able  to make his vision come to life . As actors we just  play it out. But it's already all there. The high stakes,  the conflict, the drama. I don't know how he thinks up all of this craziness. Lol 

8. What I think is great about OWN network is that it is an environment for growth and deeper self connection. Our show is an extreme example of conflict by characters who are for the most part emotionally reactive, and unequipped to handle their adversity. It really shows what can happen due to lies, poor judgment, bad communication, and ignorance. So I really think it gets people thinking about what they would do if put in the same situation and what they would do differently. 

9. As a straight actor I had fears and doubts of my ability to be able to portray a gay character. So I'm really thankful to be given the opportunity to grow and challenge myself as an actor. I'm also grateful to have the opportunity to play a character that shows people the hurt and pain caused by homophobia and ignorance.

10. Right now, we are on hiatus and I actually just took a mini vacation in Mexico.  I'm currently being seen for some great projects so I'm excited for what's going to be coming and my next project.

11. I would definitely be interested in producing as I have done so already. I love to create and see a project get off the ground from start to finish. It's something that I would definitely be interested in. Directing not so much. I've seen what they have to go through. Being there all day, every day, on every shot, and being the middleman in between producers and actors.  Nope, I'd rather just oversee everything and have days off. Lol