Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for being a part of our magazine. We appreciate everyone who was involved in putting these projects together but we do need to issue a disclaimer to everyone involved.

If you’re apart of an agency please ensure we get all of your credit information for the issue that you provided so that we can put it in the editorial. We do credits for artists on some issues but not all.

Please ensure everything is spelled correctly on the products used during the shoot on the talent.

 If you’re a wardrobe stylist and you send us credits for wardrobes, please ensure it is spelled correctly. We cannot make changes once everything is out and published.

 If you’re a showroom, please ensure you send the correct credits for the editorial with the correct spelling. Once the stylist gives you the magazine email, if you have any questions please ensure you get the tear sheets from the stylist once the issue is out. Once again we cannot make changes to issues last minute once it is out and published.

 If changes need to be made, we will be charging you for those changes due to the time for graphic designing on each issue that is published.

If you are talent or a publicist and you require something changed, please do not request it last minute. Once everything is out and published nothing can be changed.

 We will be only be sending 1 to 2 free issues of our magazine to the talent or publicists if we have the budget for it. Print costs for our magazine is expensive. If you wish to purchase a copy via link on the Avante site.

  - Thank you

Avante Magazine