Anthony Colbert @anthonycolbert

Photographer by Julie Rosillo 


Styled by Andrea Canales @Vndreaxx 



I was born and raised in the small town of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Modeling and entertainment was not something that was supported or realistic to my peers around me. I grew up surrounded by my family all working hard labor, 9-5 jobs. I tried the 9-5 life, but it just wasn’t what I enjoyed. I knew I wanted more out of life. I have always valued my time and couldn’t spend it doing something I did not enjoy. I started venturing into modeling about a year ago. My family and friends encouraged me to get into modeling, so I gave it a shot. After a month of modeling I was able to leave my 9-5 job and make a better living from my social media.  

My goal is to use modeling to build my social influence and build a fan base to lead to more entertainment and business opportunities such as acting, managing, and to influence others to build their image and follow their dreams. I have always had an interest in business and entrepreneurship. I currently have multiple businesses I am working on for 2019 along with continuing my modeling career.   

Five years from now, I can see myself very financially stable, relocating to a larger city, and continuing to grow along with enjoying life to the fullest.